If you want to know how life is all about, learn from the friendship of these two noble men, Thalhah bin Ubaidillah ra. and Zubair son of Awwam ra. Thalhah and Zubair had already been united by the Messenger of Mecca before emigrating. Both were pioneering the struggle of the house of Arqam bin Arqam. Coincidentally both are still relatives of the Apostles. Zubair’s mother Shafiyah daughter of Abdul Muthalib was none other than the Prophet’s aunt.

Both have many similarities. Both come from respected tribes, rich people, successful businessmen, generous, kind, and strong in faith. His death is almost the same. Both were killed by the wrongdoers. They were also buried at Bashrah led by Ali bin Abi Talib.

Like Thalhah, Zubair is among the ten companions guaranteed to enter heaven. “Thalhah and Zubair are my neighbors, in heaven,” said the Messenger of Allah.

Zubair belongs to the early generation of the Companions or the Assabiqunal Awwalun. He received the light of faith when he was just 15 years old. There is also the opinion that Zubair has been a believer since childhood. For the truth, only Allah Almighty, knows.

Some people of Mecca know him as a brave man and a good horseman. His courage was shown during the rumors of the death of the Prophet because of the attacks of the Muslims on his ear. Zubair immediately sought the truth of the news. Riding a horse and carrying a sword he sought the news of the news to the corners of Mecca. He promises that if the news is true, then his sword will go off in search of the culprit.

In his quest, he met the Messenger of Allah at the top of the hill. Seeing that his sword was dropped, the Prophet asked what Zubair would do. Then Zubair explained his intention of defending the Messenger with his wife. At that time the Prophet prayed that Zubair would be good and his sword always won. It is fitting that historians refer to Zubair as the first person to raise a sword in defense of Islam.

And listen to what the Prophet gave in return for his courage. “Every prophet has a defender, and my defender is Zubair bin Awwam.”

Like his other companions, although of noble birth, Zubair was not spared the torture. His own uncle, Naufal bin Khuwailid, was in charge of returning Zubair to their idols. Naufal once tied Zubair and rolled him with a mat, then smoked until Zubair was hard to break.

“Release yourself from Lord Muhammad, then I will release you from this mat!” Exclaimed the uncle harshly.

The fearless Zubair bin Awwam ra replied, “By Allah, I will not return to unbelief forever.”

Zubair son of Awwam had followed the pilgrimage to Habashah twice. He stayed there for some time according to the Messenger of Allah. After the Prophet emigrated to Medina, Zubair followed him. He followed all the wars of the Prophet Muhammad.

At the battle of Uhud, Zubair showed his best. In high spirits he protected the Messenger from the siege of the enemy. He attacks the enemy on his own like 100 troops. Even after the Uhud war was over, Zubair’s job was not fulfilled. He and Abu Bakr were asked to lead a group of Muslims in pursuit of the enemy. This was done to make the enemy think that the Muslims still have the strength and do not dare to attack Medina.

Both were successful in carrying out the mission. The Quraysh troops on their way to Mecca saw some following directly into the fire. They think that the forces led by Zubair and Abu Bakr are small forces behind him followed by a large army. They immediately made their way, fleeing to Mecca.

Zubair bin Awwam’s heroism did not end in the Uhud war. During the Yarmuk war against the Roman army, many Muslim troops were in shock. Otherwise, the Roman army was huge. They are well-trained and well-trained soldiers. But look at Zubair bin Awwam, shouting Allahu Akbar, he jumped at the enemy and fought bravely.

So it was during the Hunain war, where Muslims were able to disrupt the Hawazin tribes. Zubair also showed his Courage when he was in charge of the Bani quridzah. The tribe has a very strong fort. It takes a long time to master it. The Prophet also assigned Zubair and Ali to be the pioneering team for the opening of the fort. Both jumped into the castle and managed to frighten the Quraida leader.

His second brave act finally opened the door of the Quraida stronghold until the Muslim forces claimed victory.

Like Talha, Zubair is a successful businessman. He was blessed with abundant wealth, but like his best friend, he also used all his wealth in the way of Allah. Whether it’s to help the struggle or even distributed to fellow Muslims in need.

At the end of his life, Zubair was involved in the Jamal war. What he faces is not the enemy but the Muslims led by Ali bin Abi Talib. When Ali reminded Zubair of the Messenger of Allah’s message, “O Zubair, did the Apostle say that you would fight Ali. And you belong to the wrongdoers?”

Hearing Ali’s words, Zubair immediately woke up. Together with his friend Talha, he left the battlefield. Unfortunately, at that time a soldier from the line of Ali bin Abi Talib followed Zubair. Amru bin Jarmuz, so called in history the name of the soldier. And when Zubair was praying, Amru stabbed Zubair to death.

Knowing that Zubair was dead, Amru hurried to meet Ali bin Abi Talib. He thought the news of Zubair’s death would please the leader. But Ali (ra) is a person who knows the virtues of Zubair. So Ali said sadly, “Tell him who killed Zubair the son of Shafryah, that the person who killed Zubair is hell!”

Ali was even more sad when Zubair’s sword was shown to him. Ali kissed the sword and cried. “By Allah, this sword has protected the Prophet from all dangers.”

Together with his brother in the faith, Talha bin Ubaidillah, Zubayr bin Awwam was buried in Basrah.