Tokopedia was made by William Tanuwijaya, a native of Sumatra who migrated in Jakarta to gain knowledge. During college, he worked part time as an internet cafe keeper. Even though his salary is small, he likes to work at an internet cafe because he can learn for free about the internet. As an Information Engineering graduate, William worked as a game developer at PT Boleh Net and was a software developer at several companies in Jakarta.

One day, William became a moderator in the Kafegaul forum. Starting from where he thought to make a startup with its own breakthroughs in the field of buying and selling, he considers that an online startup buying and selling must be trusted by the seller and buyer. With secure transactions, people will be more interested in using the startup. This is what later inspired the emergence of Tokopedia.

The presence of Tokopedia bridges the relationship between sellers and buyers by minimizing criminal acts such as fraud. The seller will not get payment before the buyer confirms that the goods have arrived at the place. That way, Tokopedia successfully becomes a practical and modern online business intermediary.

Tokopedia was pioneered on February 6, 2009 and was officially released on August 17, 2009. At its inception, Tokopedia had 4 employees including William. Until the fifth year, Tokopedia has more than 100 employees with their respective task specifications. Tokopedia is one lucky business startup. Because, from the first year alone, he was able to attract investors and win awards as one of the best startups in Indonesia.

Some investors who trust Tokopedia include, East Ventures in 2010, CyberAgent Venture in 2011, Beenos in 2012, and SoftBank in 2013. With the presence of this series of investors, it means that Traveloka’s capital will increase. That means, Traveloka is able to expand its business wings even wider.