If you like Flash animation and a number of games, the name Newgrounds might be familiar to your ears. Newgrounds is a top site in cyberspace that is engaged in animation and games created by Tom Fulp. Newgrounds provides various Adobe Flash animations and games for its visitors. However, by its managers, Newgrounds also features several pages that present music and portals about art.

What distinguishes Newgrounds from other similar sites is that this site has been equipped with a rating system and automatic controllers. Another feature of Newgrounds is also the first site in history to fully use the user generated content system automatically. Well, do you know who is the pioneer behind the Newgrounds site?

He was Tom Fulp who was born on April 30, 1978. Tom was very interested in the field of video games and Flash animation. He is known as the owner of a video game company called The Behemoth. But the most made Tom Fulp’s name skyrocketed was when on July 6, 1995 he founded the Newgrounds site based in Glenside, Pennsylvania, United States. Tom processes Newgrounds with the help of his brother, Wade Fulp. Wade is fully responsible for administrative settings and various problems that arise among Newgrounds users.

The front page of the Newgrounds site displays several new themes chosen by the administrator. On April 21, 2003, the Newgrounds front page for the first time presented a collection of Flash game icons with the sentence below that reads “Tom and Wade Recommend”. The Flash game is titled ‘Taipan 3000’ made in the name of Josh “Psycho Goldfish” Tuttle, in addition there are also games called Apple II and Taipan !.

From time to time, the game icon that gets the label “Tom and Wade Recommend” continues to grow rapidly. Initially from an icon, it becomes two pieces, four pieces, up to six icons. Until 2009, on the Newgrounds homepage there were 36 icons, 12 for Flash animation, 12 for games, 4 for music, and 8 for art. Armed with the label “Tom and Wade Recommend”, Newgrounds visitors are greatly facilitated to find any content that has the best quality.

On January 12, 2004, Newgrounds presented a new application, a page containing various archives that had been published. With the archive application, visitors can find out the various types of Flash that the Newgrounds site has displayed, so that users will find out which Flash content models are considered appropriate to be displayed on the Newground homepage. Through the application, users can also find out which Flash content is considered to have good performance and has been awarded. The various awards are: DailyAward, Weekly Award, Monthly Award, and Yearly Award.

Some content that has been recorded as receiving annual awards from Newgrounds is:

  • Movie of the Year 2007 is Waterlollie
  • 6 Game of the Year 2007 is NG Rumble
  • The User of The Year 2007 was Luis Castanon
  • Musician of the Year 2007 is Selcuk Bor
  • Movie of the Year 2008 is Chuck’s New Tux
  • Game of the Year 2008 is Fancy Pants Adventures: World2
  • The User of the Year 2008 was Renae Pille
  • The 2008 Musician of The Year was Christian M. Krogsvold

On June 27, 2006, Newgrounds launched a system helpers icon. The system is considered to be very helpful for users who want to enter the collection page to make it easier, Newgrounds also has a Flash Portal which provides a forum for its members to upload their various Flash works. But to upload, the user must meet certain requirements, namely, the file must have an extension in the form of SWF, and the capacity of the uploaded file is not more than 10 megabytes. However, users will also be given more than 10 megabytes of space if they have received approval from the administrator first.

By Tom Fulp, Newgrounds is also equipped with several age groupings for each type of Flash that is presented. The age grouping labels in Newgrounds are as follows:

  • E (Everyone), Flash is suitable for all age categories.
  • T (Teenage), Flash label for the age group 13 years and over.
  • M (Mature), Flash label for ages 17 and above.
  • A (Adult), Flash label for users who are over 20 years old.

Tom Fulp, who until now still serves as CEO of Newgrounds and was listed as its founder, by the retireat site21. com was awarded the title as one of the richest young entrepreneurs in the world with a wealth of 15 million US dollars, or 150 billion rupiah. Tom Fulp married on May 12, 2007 with his girlfriend named April. the couple was blessed with a clean child on March 25, 2009.