Talha bin Ubaidillah (may Allah be pleased with him), was among the 10 people who were guaranteed to go to heaven by the Messenger of Allah. Certainly a lot of glory in Talha ra., Rasulullah gave a lot of titles to Talha because of the good he had. Among them are Talha the Kind, Talha the Generous, and Talha the Generous. In short, that represents the figure of Talha bin Ubaidillah. The believers in the early days of Islam came. When he returned from his business trip, Talha met a priest in the Bushra area. The priest gave advice to Talha about the coming of the Prophet in Mecca. The priest also cautioned that Talha be a follower of the Prophet, because that is what will make his life full of guidance, grace, and freedom.

Upon arrival in Mecca, Talha immediately met Abu Bakr. All the way home he had heard that Muhammad Al-Amin had declared himself to be a Prophet and Messenger of Allah. Upon learning that Abu Bakr had joined the ranks of the Prophet, Talha was even more convinced of his choice.

“Muhammad never lied once. And, now behind him is Abu Bakr. Surely this is the right business, not a lie,” murmured Talha seriously.

Accompanied by Abu Bakar ra., Talha met the Messenger of Allah. With full confidence he expressed his faith. Since then, Talha was not immune from torture. The Quraysh appointed Naufal bin Khuwailid to persecute and threaten Talha and Abu Bakr. Fortunately, the torture did not last long. It turned out that the Quraysh felt both shame and fear. Embarrassed for having acted like an uneducated person, and afraid to remember the influence of these two best friends.

When the event of migration, Talha went to Medina. He was determined to follow every struggle of the Messenger of Allah, dear, in the battle of Badr Talha did not participate because he had another assignment from the Messenger of Allah with Sa’id bin Zaid. Although sad, Talha could accept and replace it in other wars.

Because they did not carry out the commands of the Prophet, the Islamic forces that were superior in the Uhud war were immediately in a desperate condition.

Enemy forces succeeded in cornering the Prophet’s troops. Even the Prophet’s condition was in danger. Seeing that Talha immediately went forward to attack with enthusiasm. The result, in his body were almost 70 stab wounds, swords, and arrows stuck.

“Whoever likes to see a man who is still walking on the earth, even though he has given his life to Allah, he should see Talha.” Praise the Prophet while pointing to the figure of Talha.

How happy Thalhah got such high appreciation from the Prophet. Doesn’t that mean that even though he is alive he is already a resident of heaven? That made Talha even more zealous for doing good deeds, even though he already knew the end of his life was in goodness.

Since he was young, Talha was known as an accomplished businessman. He is also included in the ranks of wealthy successful business people. However, the amount of wealth does not make Talha happy. He actually complained sad and dizzy to his wife, Su’da bint Auf.

“What makes you sad, O my husband?” Asked Su’da bint Auf. When seeing her husband’s sad face these past few days.

“I have so much wealth. That makes me sad and dizzy.” Replied Talha.

“Don’t get dizzy. Just share the treasure,” said Su’da bint Auf. Talhah immediately called out to the surrounding community. All assets are distributed to those who have gathered. until there is no trace of it. Subhan Allah!

According to Jabir bin Abdullah, Talha is a very generous type of person. He likes to distribute his wealth without calculation. Talha is also very concerned about the welfare of his family. Talha even finances the marriage of young people in his family and meets the needs of those who cannot afford it.

Said bin Zaid ra., Who had traveled to carry out his duties with Talha, had also said, “I have never seen anyone so generous as to give wealth, clothing and food, besides him!”

During the reign of the Caliph Ustman bin Affan r.a, there were massive demonstrations demanding change. Talha also includes people who support these changes. Apparently, the demonstration was growing out of control. Initially peaceful demonstrations turned into war because of the power of defectors. They were the forces that were in the time of the Caliph Umar ra., Submissive, but are now moving again and poisoning Muslims.

In that battle fell victim which surprised all the best friends, namely Caliph Ustman bin Affan ra.

At that time Talha immediately felt guilty, even though he did not take any role in the bloodshed. He only ever supported the change in the Ustman r.a government, that’s all. But it always haunts him for life until Talha is more careful in acting.

Chaotic situation continues to develop. At that time Ali bin Abi Talib was appointed Caliph. Many parties demanded that the defector who caused the death of Ustman ra., Be put on trial. But on the other hand, Ali bin Abi Talib also had to restore stability and state security.

The Jamal War became its peak. At that time Talha crossed the road with Ali ibn Abi Talib ra. Talha was also reminded by Ali ibn Abi Talib. That all this has been predicted by the Prophet. That someday the friends fight Ali and they are wrongdoers.

Remembering this Talha and her best friend Zubair bin Awwam ra., Immediately left the army against Ali bin Abi Talib. That’s when the wrongdoers are not happy with their decisions. Then Talha died by an arrow from Mapwan bin Hakam.

Talha bin Ubaidillah may Allah be pleased with him. is destined to die on the battlefield. He was destined to become a martyr. And now, he can smile calmly when facing his Lord. Caliph Ali bin Abi Talib led the funeral of Talha and Zubayr.

“Both of my ears have heard the Messenger of Allāh SA, saying that Talha and Zubair are my neighbors in heaven. Really … I really wish I could enter with them.” Said Ali bin Abi Talib as a parting sentence.

Talha bin Ubaidillah may Allah be pleased with him. has shown its promise, that until the end of life remain in the path of struggle. Talha bin Ubaidillah ra., Died at the age of 64 years and was buried in Basrah.