Every time you open the meebo.com site, visitors are immediately treated to a variety of login offers from various products that allow them to do chat activities or the like. Meebo.com, designed by Seth Sternberg, Sandy Jen, and Elaine Wherry, offers integration between Meebo, Yahoo !, MSN, Facebook, Windows Live, and AIM. If examined more closely, it turns out there are still other products whose login columns are also offered on the front page but with smaller icons, namely Myspace, Gtalk, ICO, Jabber, and Myyearbook.

With instant messaging everywhere, Meebo allows each of its customers to be able to connect and control a number of internet messaging platforms, including AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, Google Talk, Myspace IM, Facebook Chat, MyYearBook chat, NET Messenger service, XMPP and many other internet messaging models. Who created the practical site?

Meebo was founded by three young people named Seth Sternberg, Sandy Jen, and Elaine Wherry in September 2005, aiming to unite the majority of internet messaging products that have been around and spread throughout cyberspace. Meebo Inc. Headquartered in Mountainview, California, United States.

Shortly after its formation, precisely on December 15, 2005, Meebo received a stream of investment funds and the Sequoiaia Capital company. Until now there have been several investors investing in Meebo Inc. As stated on the official website of meebo.com, several Meebo Inc. investors Is Sequoia Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, JAFCO Ventures, Time Warner Investments, and KTB Ventures.

On August 2, 2006, Meebo Inc. Launched a widget application called meebo me that allows users to install one version of Meebo on their personal site or blog. In addition, on October 11, 2006, Meebo Inc. Also announced that they have collaborated with Arnie street, a special music site. This collaboration allows Arnie Street users to enter the “meebo me” widget on their personal page.

Under the control of Seth, Sandy, and Elaine, Meebo Inc. keep developing and flapping wings. On May 14, 2007, Meebo Inc. Re-launched a new application called Meebo Rooms. With these facilities, Meebo users can host their own chat rooms, where friends and other users can enter and join in chatting. Like not innovating continuously, on September 10, 2007, Meebo again made a new breakthrough that allowed its users to share files.

In April 2008, Meebo Inc. Get additional investment funds worth 25 million US dollars from several capital companies. In December 2008, Meebo Inc. Announced that they had formed a partnership with two giant internet messaging companies, Myspace and Facebook. The fruit of this collaboration process is Meebo can combine Myspace IM and Facebook Chat into Meebo products.

From its inception, until now, Meebo Inc. has experienced many developments. Through the official website of meebo.com, they claim that every month it serves more than 100 million users who send 6 billion messages and 75 million links. Meebo also stated that they are one of the fastest growing social media companies in the world. The rapid development achieved by Meebo has included the name of the founder trio of Meebo Inc. as one of the richest young entrepreneurs in the world. The three of them are estimated to have 3.5 million US dollars in pocket.