When he was 14 years old, Sean Belnick got a brilliant idea when he was helping his stepfather, Gary Glazer, who worked in a furniture store. At that time he noticed the retail store calling his stepfather to order furniture and ask for the goods to be delivered. Belnick also found that trading activities in his father’s shop were running less effectively with the presence of salesmen who often put pressure on potential buyers. The actions of the salesmen sometimes even create a situation that makes prospective buyers feel uncomfortable so discourages them from buying furniture products.

Belnick then thought of getting consumers around to see the entire store, but in a cheaper and less pressure way, namely by creating an online store.

In 2001, with 500 US dollars (US) or around 5 million rupiah, Belnick began selling office chairs online. He named his online shop Bizchair. com. Belnick also had time to sell Pokemon cards in e Bay. To attract buyers at an early stage, he uses consumer data owned by his stepfather’s store, and adds networks through an account on Yahoo! Store. All these businesses, Belnick carried out from the bedroom in his house. A hat that is hard to believe because with that he can market a variety of products reaching 50-100 types.

The breakthrough online business that Belnick did turned out to be running very smoothly and growing rapidly. He manages the Bizchair website with easy operation to be friendly to the visitors. In 2004, Belnick Inc. Underlying Bizchair began to appear to have experienced significant development when Belnick decided to rent a commercial warehouse with an area of ​​40 thousand square meters in Kennesaw, Georgia. Two years later, Bizchair increased its warehouse facilities and expanded space to reach 100 thousand square meters.

In July 2007, Bizchair moved his office and warehouse to Canton, Georgia. The new warehouse covers an area of ​​327 thousand square meters. The move brought Bizchair to dominate the online furniture business. Although competition in selling furniture items online from time to time is increasingly tight, Bizchair remains unshakeable.

Six years after Bizchair’s establishment, Belnick’s business with 500 dollars has now become 24 million dollars. Bizchair also has 75 employees, and has sold more than 25,000 furniture products from 200 factory units. Wikipedia sources say that Bizchair’s revenue began to climb in 2005 with 13.6 million dollars, and continued to rise in 2006 to reach 24 million dollars. In 2007, total revenues reached 37.5 million dollars, and continued to soar in 2008 by recording revenues of up to 42 million dollars. Inc. com (one of the leading business sites) said that consumers who are Bizchair customers include large agencies and companies such as Microsoft, Google, and the Pentagon.

A smooth business had a positive impact on Bizchair. Some of the achievements were printed by Bizchair, including the following;

  • Rating 438 on The Inc. 500 List of Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies 2006.
  • Ranked 32 on the Internet Retailer’s List of Fastest Growing E-Retailers 2007.
  • Ranked 272 on the Internet Retailer Magazine’s Top 500 for 2007.
  • Ranking 48th on the Top 100 Business in Atlanta-Sandy Springs Marietta, GA area by Inc. Magazine in 2008.
  • Ranked 37 in the Top 100 Inc. list Magazine Retail Companies.

According to the retireat21.com website, Sean Belnick has a total personal wealth of 42 million US dollars, equivalent to 420 billion rupiah. That’s what later put his name on the list of the richest young entrepreneurs in the world.