Sara Blakely is an American businessman. He was born on February 21, 1971 in Clearwater, Florida, United States, but now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. His father is a lawyer and artist. After escaping from Clearwater High School, Sara went on to Florida State University with a degree in communication.

Sara was named the richest young woman in the world by Forbes magazine. In September 2013, Forbes recorded Sara’s total wealth of $ 1 billion. Blanely founded Spanx, a leading clothing company in Atlanta in 2000. The company sells corsets and various types of lingerie for women. Spanx also started expanding by selling underwear for men since 2010.

Previously, Jesse Itzler’s wife initially wanted to be a lawyer following in his father’s footsteps. However, he later worked at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and worked as a stand-up comedian. The idea of ​​starting a business starts from a small but important thing, which is when he has trouble finding open stockings on his feet.

Sara, who works as a door-to-door fax machine salesman in Florida, then tries to tear off the ends of the stockings, so they don’t look right when worn. Sara thinks that stockings make her look slimmer so she thinks that stockings should be there for all women. For that he produced it.

Sara moved to Atlanta and began to conduct a stocking business by making a savings of US $ 5,000 as initial capital. He became more excited when he watched the talk show Oprah Winfrey who also claimed to always cut the bottom of his leg. Sara wants to make stockings that do not cover all parts of the leg and are able to disguise the line of underwear.

Sara started this business when she was 27 years old. He decided to work with a local tailor. He borrowed a friend’s computer to design his own company’s brand logo. Sara also made hundreds of designs before finally getting the original Spanx design. After that, he registered the Spanx name as a trademark, and the product was launched in 2000. As a result, many celebrities now wear Spanx stockings while attending events such as Betty Grable, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Blake Lively.

In the first year of its founding, Spanx earned $ 4 million. Profits rose to $ 10 million in the second year. Sara Company is now worth US $ 1 billion or around Rp 9 trillion. This result is remarkable because the initial capital is only around 46 million. Uniquely from its founding, Sara was not involved in debt with the bank. Spanx is now circulating in 11,500 stores covering 40 countries.

In addition to doing business, Sara has also established a foundation, the Sara Blakely Foundation, which aims to support and empower women around the world to have the ability to start their own businesses. He also donated $ 1 million to Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in 2006. The Sara Blakely Foundation is thought to have donated more than US $ 20 million for donations to women.

Sara said that being a businessman is not as comfortable and smooth as one might imagine. Many trials have to be faced, but he has learned not to overcome temptation early on.

“With all the trials that come to me, my brain will say. Where’s the miracle? But in starting a business, every day we must learn how to overcome those trials,” Sara said.

Tips from Sara Blakely (Spanx)

Sara shares her success tips about Forbes in the 10 Tips for Success Syphies from Sara Blakely Spanx Magazine:

First, a big failure. Everyone fell and tried to get up again. You have to get out of your comfort zone and get better day by day.

Second, visualize. Sara likes to visualize her specific goals specifically in a concrete way.

Third, don’t share ideas too quickly to the world too quickly. Sara continues to sharpen her idea of ​​creating amazing new clothes. He hid it for a year while continuing to develop the prototype.

Fourth, don’t say no easily. Sara contacted all manufacturers and lawyers to help patent her ideas and make a successful prototype.

Fifth, work with people you like and trust. In fact, even though they don’t really know much about what they are doing. But Sara believes they have a great performance in their new profession.

Sixth, you don’t have to do everything. Sara involved many teams to help her. He was always interested in introducing new Spanx products. Thank you for teamwork, everything went smoothly.

Seventh, you can find out. Sara knows a lot of things like women’s underwear, new product patents, manufacturing, marketing, product development, website development, online trading, and more. Don’t stop believing in your ideas.

Eighth, you don’t have to be rich to realize this amazing new idea. Sara only has $ 5,000 in savings to build a business that is worth billions of dollars.

Ninth, don’t come out before it’s finished. Sara works tirelessly in her apartment to create her products. He avoids outside contact before the product actually takes off.

Tenth, think outside the box. Sara noticed that the lingerie industry needed a woman’s perspective. He also developed a completely new approach to underwear products. Sara wondered why many garments tested their products on mannequins, not real women. That’s what makes Sara challenged to think outside the box.