In this new millennium era, information technology and electronics are developing very rapidly. Various electronic devices with various uses and functions appear like mushrooms in the rainy season. Because there is too much variety of electronic devices (gadgets) on the market, many gadgets cannot survive on the market for more than 3 months without being displaced by other similar products. Seeing this phenomenon, came a website that specifically reviews a variety of gadgets and technological devices. The site that specifically targets consumers and fans of the gadget is called Engadget. One of the Engadget sites is Ryan Block, a young man who is very good at electronics and technology.

Engadget site was first launched in March 2004 with an article that reviews about gadgets and technology consumers. This site also carries out various intricacies of gadgets. Engadget also often offers their opinions and tips on various models of gadgets that have just appeared on the market. In addition, Engadget also produces the weekly “Engadget Podcast” which provides information about the world of technology and gadgets, supplemented by various technology news that occur in a week. Ryan Block is a person who is very instrumental in advancing Engadget podcast. In doing this work, he was assisted by Peter Rojas.

During its development, Engadget became a member of Weblogs Inc., a networking blog that has members of more than 75 top-notch web blog units, including Autoblog and Joystiq. Join as a member of Weblog Inc. turned out to be very helpful in the development of Engadget. This is clearly seen by the entry of Engadget to be nominated in several awards, including the following:

  • Bloggie for The Best Technology Weblog in 2004
  • Bloggie for The Best computers or Technology Weblog and Best
  • Weblog Group in 2005
  • The Best Tech Blog in 2004 and 2005 by Weblog Award
  • The Best Tech Site in 2007 by Weblog Award

Ryan Block continued to move forward with Engadget, he catapulted the company’s name with his work as a senior editor. But on July 22, 2008, Ryan Block issued an announcement that he would step down from his post at the end of August of that year. He then gave his position to Joshua Topolsky.

Despite having resigned from his position at Engadget, Ryan Block continues to play his role as a commentator and technology critic whose reviews appear several times on BBC, Business Week, Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Block has also appeared in broadcast programs that review technology on the BBC, CNN, NPR, PRI, and G4

Ryan Block’s name was included in one of Forbes’ 25 Web Celebs 2007 (a magazine that often displays a ranking of figures). The site also put it in a row of the richest young entrepreneurs in the world with personal property coffers reaching 20 million dollars.