The internet has offered many things to its users. In addition there are many sites that provide a variety of information and news up to date, in cyberspace there are also several online gaming sites to entertain the visitors. One of the most well-known online game sites is which is made by Robert Small and Tihan Presbie. Miniclip even claims they are the biggest network game in the world without competition from any party, with the number of users reaching more than 34 million people.

The founder of Miniclip was a British young man named Robert Small. Robert Small was born in 1977. When he was 24 years old, he was assisted by his friend named Tihan Presbie to prepare a game network site called Miniclip. for the initial capital to form Miniclip, Small uses the money he got from his grandmother. while Presbie also helped Miniclip Capital by investing money from his business. With the capital collected as much as 40 thousand pounds, they are both determined to invest all their capital to create an online game site Miniclip. Miniclip by Small began being released in 2001 from his bedroom in London.

Their first game product was a very simple interactive game. Their first game is known as “Dancing Bush”, which is a game that portrays the animation of President George Bush Jr. Which will dance according to the command of the player. Unbelievably, the game could attract more than 2 million players in just one month.

Knowing that the game “Dancing Bush” was very successful in the market, Small then made similar games but with different models, namely “Dancing Blair” (Tony Blair’s model – British PM) and “Dancing Chirac” (model Jacques Chirac – French President). These games are classified as very simple, because only with the basic Macromedia Flash program.

Miniclip visitors are mostly teenagers with an age range of 10 to 18 years. They are very interested in a simple game from Miniclip that can increase the curiosity of the players, and more importantly, users can play the game on Miniclip for free. In addition, Miniclip also provides a variety of other games that increasingly attract internet users, including puzzles, sudoku, and several models of shooting dexterity games.

The success of Miniclip is inseparable from Small’s creations that make the site very special and interesting. This site is classified as very easy to understand and operate despite containing more than 400 types of games and with a choice of 14 different languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Khmer, Romanian, Hungarian, Korean, Chinese, and Japan. Miniclip also has a catchy slogan called “Play Free Games”.

Some of the most popular Miniclip games that were featured in the top-ranked series of games are:

  • Dancing Bush (2001)
  • Club Penguin (2005)
  • Commando 2 (2008)
  • Spineworld (2009)
  • Obama Alien Defense (2009)

In 2008, Small’s company Miniclip was estimated to have reached a value of more than 200 million pounds, with a profit of 20 million pounds over the last two years. Most of the revenue is derived from advertising, because the games they provide are mostly free.

Miniclip, which from time to time has become a big company. According to Alexa statistics in February 2010, ranks 343 most visited sites.

Miniclip’s success has led Robert Small to become one of the richest young entrepreneurs in the world according to the site with a total wealth of 23 million US dollars.