Rhoma Irama, who does not know the name of this one. All dangdut music fans cannot be called dangdut fans if they still don’t know him.

Rhoma Irama is a dangdut musician, he is very good in singing dangdut music even he is known as the King of Indonesia’s Dangdut.

Dangdut is one of the traditional popular music genres that has Indian, Malay, and Arabic elements. Dangdut is always accompanied by his signature drum and flute.

Raden Oma Irama or popular name Rhoma Irama was born on December 11, 1946 in Tasikmalaya. His name is so popular among dangdut musicians.

Rhoma was the second of fourteen siblings. His father, Raden Burdah Anggawirya was a Garuda White guerrilla commander. And his mother’s name is Tuti Juariah.

Rhoma’s talent was seen when she was a young child. Began to enter kindergarten class, he had started to like the song even when he stepped on elementary school (SD), his interest was increasingly visible with him being able to sing Indian and Western songs well.

Other than that. Arifin Ganda, his uncle. Loves to teach Rhoma in singing Japanese songs since she was little.

In elementary school, Rhoma likes being told to come forward to the class to sing a song.

One time, Rhoma appeared at a party held at her school, she performed by singing a Western song and the performance attracted the attention of a senior musician, Bing Slamet.
Since then Bing Slamet began to have hope for Rhoma in the music industry.

When Rhoma sat in 4th grade, Bing Slamet invited her to appear on a show at the Railroad Workers’ Union Building in Manggarai.

Rhoma became a street busker

In addition to being good at singing, we are often fascinated by hand or guitar music played by Rhoma Irama.

Rhoma has a high passion in learning to play the guitar. In fact he was crazy about his guitar which made his mother angry with him.

Her father died when Rhoma was in grade 5 in 1958. After the death of her husband, her mother married an ABRI officer (Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia) named Raden Soma Wijaya.

From her stepfather, Rhoma had the opportunity to channel her musical talent. Raden Soma Wijaya bought acoustic musical instruments for Rhoma Irama.

When sitting in high school, this was one of the worst times ever experienced by Rhoma, he was forced to become a street busker in the city of Solo.

In Solo, he lived in the home of a busker named Mas Gito.

In Solo, Rhoma continued her studies at St. High School. Joseph, the results of his daily busking he used to pay for school fees.

Not long after, Rhoma moved again in high school August 17 until graduating in 1964, who then continued her tertiary education at the Faculty of Political and Social University of August 17.

Just one year ago, he had dropped out of college because he was more interested in going into the music world.
In 1963, Rhoma founded a music band called Gayhand, then moved into the Chandra Leka Orchestra to eventually form their own band called Soneta.

Together with Sonnet, Rhoma became a musician who was well known to the Indonesian people at that time and even with Sonnet, Rhoma managed to obtain 11 Golden Records from her tapes.

In 1972, Rhoma Irama married a woman named Veronica. From this marriage, produced three children named:

  • Debby Verama Sari was born on December 18, 1972.
  • Fikri Rhoma Irama was born on September 30, 1976.
  • Romy

Their marriage ended in 1985, allegedly a year before Rhoma decided to remarry with a friend playing his film named Ricca Rachim.

In addition to success in the music industry, Rhoma was also successful in the film industry such as Struggle and Prayer (1980) and Twin Love (1984).

Rhoma Irama was also involved in politics, in the New Order era, she had become an important mascot of PPP. And was elected to the House of Representatives in 1993.

The new order was a period of President Soeharto’s administration.

Album Rhoma Irama with Sonnet Group

Together with the Sonnet Group, Rhoma’s career developed well enough to be known in the Indonesian music world.

  • Begadang late in 1973
  • Penasaran in 1974
  • Rupiah in 1975
  • Darah Muda in 1976
  • Musik in 1976
  • 135,000,000 in 1977
  • Santaiin 1977
  • Hak Azazi in 1978
  • Begadang 2 in 1978
  • Sahabat in 1979
  • Indonesia in 1980
  • Renungan dalam Nada in 1981
  • Emansipasi Wanita in 1984
  • Judi in 1988
  • Gali Lobang Tutup Lobang in 1989
  • Bujangan in 1994

Rhoma Irama and their awards

During his career, Bang Rhoma has several awards on his behalf, as follows.

  • 1st place in the ASEAN level singing competition in Singapore in 1971.
  • The 70s won dozens of Golden Records for the successful sales of the tapes.
  • The XVI edition of Asia Week Magazine placed Rhoma Irama as King of Music in 1985.
  • 2001 Lifetime Awards Awards, Indonesian Music Award 2001.
  • Received an award as The South East Asia Superstar in 2007.
  • Together Elvie Sukaesih received an award from the Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI) in the category of Indonesian King and Queen Dangdut.
  • Received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the inaugural event of the Indonesian Music Award (AMI) Dangdut Awards.
  • And others.

In 2005, Rhoma earned her honoris causa doctorate from the American University of Hawaii in the dangdut field.

Honoris causa Doctor is an undergraduate degree awarded by a tertiary institution that qualifies a person without the need to attend or graduate from an appropriate education to get his degree.

This title is usually given if a person has been deemed meritorious or outside news to humanity.