In the last two or three years, the veil or hijab has suddenly become a trend again in Indonesia. At first the hijab model was normal, now we can see more and more women wearing Muslim clothes that are covered politely with colors and models that are very fashionable. The growing popularity of hijab in the Indonesian fashion industry, one of which was pioneered by hijab designer Nanida Jenahara Nasution with the Hijabers Community community.

Jehan, Jenahara’s nickname, together with about 30 other Muslim women founded the Hijabers Community (HC) on November 27, 2010, the alley had various activities for Muslim women from recitation, sharing, social activities, to hijab style. In addition, HC wants to open up many people’s insights about the hijab because so far, many people consider that the hijab is ancient and limits its users.

Many of the HC members are fashion designers, so they design hijab models and Muslim clothing with a very fashionable and pleasing to the eye, but still in accordance with Islamic regulations. Jehan is one of them.

The woman who was born on August 27, 1965 inherited the clothing designs from her mother, Ida Royani, who was also a famous old-school artist. Since childhood, Jehan was introduced to various types of fabric, clothing models, and was invited to the tailor by his mother. Clothing designers became his ideals.

After graduating from high school, Jehan started his dream by taking a course in Esmond Pattern Design, then studying at Susan Budihardjo Fashion Design School. Initially Jehan was hesitant to focus on the design of apalagj Muslim clothing for young children, because at that time the veil was identical to mothers. Over time, Jehan was determined to jump into Muslim fashion with a unique style for young Muslim women.

Jehan designed his Muslim clothing in three different labels. Jenahara Nasution which is an exclusive high end label, Jenahara which features ready-to-wear clothes, and Jenahara by Ida Royani that she designed with her mother, and from this label people know that Jehan is lda Royani’s daughter.

Jehan’s works are displayed and sold on his blog and, so the market is very wide throughout Indonesia. Public acceptance of unique and different Muslim fashion is very good. Coverage from various media and bloggers increasingly made him known. Now, Jehan has a variety of boutiques in Jakarta, Cirebon, Surabaya, Samarinda, Padang, Makassar, Kalimantan, even Malaysia and Singapore.

Not only appreciated in the country, Jehan’s works were also highly appreciated at Hong Kong Fashion Week 2012, by being the only Muslim clothing displayed there. Muslim fashion in the country is now internationally known, bringing the face of Islam that is increasingly acceptable to the public.

Tips from Nanida Jenahara Nasution (Jenahara)

Targeting Muslims / Muslim women as our product market is the right idea. Because Indonesia is a country with the most Muslim population in the world.