He was the first architect and doctor in history, who came from Egypt. The name Imhotep means “someone in peace”.

As one of Pharaoh Djoser’s right-hand men, Imhotep made the Pyramid of Djzoser in Saqqara, Egypt, around 2630 to 2611 BC, during the Third Egyptian Dynasty Government. It is possible, he was the first person to use a pole in architecture.

Imhotep worked as chancellor for Pharaoh, and high priest Dewa Ra on Heliopolis. He is the son of Ptah. He is a very smart person. Therefore, he was given many titles. His full title is the Chancellor of Lower Egypt, the First After the Upper King of Egypt, Administrator of the Great Palace, Descendants of the Nobility, High Priest of Helopolis, Builders, Sculptors, and Experts in Mining.

Imhotep was also known as the founder of Ancient Egyptian medicine, and the author of Papyrus Edwin Smith, which contained curses, minor illnesses, and anatomical observations.

Two thousand years after Imhotep’s death, he was appointed a god. Imhotep became the God of Medicine and Healing, like Asclepius in Ancient Greek culture.

The location of Imhotep’s tomb is unknown. Egyptian historians have tried to find it, but until now it has not been found. Many people believe that his tomb is in Saqqara.

Although he is a doctor from Egypt, his statue can be found in the Louvre, France.