Ibnul Awwam Al-Asybili is a Spanish writer who has an interest in the world of agriculture and plant science. Since childhood, he has had a great interest in plants. This then led him to examine many plant species and pursue the world of agriculture. One of the questioners is AI Fallahah Al Andambatyah, a book that discusses agriculture in full. In this book, he presents the reader with all the information about agriculture that existed at the time, including various theories and practical experiences in agriculture.

In this book, he also examines the types of soil and plants suitable for planting, the time of planting various types of plants, the process of land management, efforts to deal with soil with high salt content, plant diseases and medicines as well as some experiences in agriculture (such as processes fertilizing, stimulating flowers to bloom quickly, stimulating plants to produce fruits out of season), studying yields and storing seeds, making vinegar, refining oil, and cutting branches.

This book also discusses livestock and chickens, the process of raising and feeding animals as well as treatment of diseases, raising chickens and how to distill honey from their nests. This book has received the attention of many circles and has been translated into Spanish and French. In fact, Western scientists have taken a lot of important information contained in this book. Al-Asybili, who was very talented, died in 1145 AD