Farrah Gray was born on September 9, 1984. Her career as an entrepreneur began at the age of 6. Is he rich? Not. Farrah is a poor African American, her mother divorced and had to raise five children. Farrah lives in black slum housing. In his neighborhood, many children and adolescents become thugs, drug dealers, and drunks. But Farrah was different from most of his friends.

Farrah often cried to see her mother drudge to support her children. At home, being able to eat together is something luxurious. There is no snack, and already very happy when you can eat, because in his family, being able to eat is an extraordinary pleasure. But his mother always taught not to complain. Complaining will only make life unhappy, and no use. Nothing changes, unless we want to change our destiny. So what’s the point in complaining.

“Rich people always have food. Rich people won’t sleep on an empty stomach.”

He once told his mother that one day he wanted to create a smile on his face and would take him to eat wherever he wanted, no matter how expensive the price of food was there, “Farrah said on one occasion.

At the age of 6, Farrah saw the remnants of lotion left in the bathroom bottle. He had the idea of ​​collecting the remnants of lotion into one bottle. He named it First Impression and sold it to his next-door neighbor. Strangely, because of pity or because they need it, the lotions sell. From selling the lotion, he got his first $ 9 dollar. Just under 999,991 dollars to reach one dollar, he thought.

8 years old Farrah met with a fellow mother named Roy Tauer. Farrah was amazed by Roy, he asked him to become his business mentor. Something strange for a kid of that age. And even funnier, Farrah made a business card, from cardboard she cut into a square and written on it was Farrah, CEO of the 21st Century. Farrah was indeed a child with big dreams. Roy likes Farrah’s passion and big dreams.

As a child, Farrah was also often seen wearing a suit and shoes when joining her mother in a meeting. With Roy, Farrah formed a business organization called the Urban Neighborhood Economic Enterprise Club (UNEEC). UNEEC is a business club consisting of small children around Farrah’s residence and who are obsessed with being rich later.

UNEEC is an organization that teaches how to dream big and turn it into reality. The members are children, so they want to come, Farrah favors pizza and coke drinks. But the small Farrah was very brave, for the meeting room he contacted the owners of restaurants and hotels. Dozens of people refused, and finally one hotel owner was fascinated by Farrah and gave him a free place for meetings.

Farrah is a good type of listener. She has a passion for learning from others. In each meeting, he asks what business the person is running. And even though he is still very small, he is willing to listen and feel at home for long discussions. Even for hours. From there Farrah made a big decision, that he decided once and for all that he really and truly would become an entrepreneur.

When following his brother to England, Farrah noticed that there were many found public phones that used cards to operate them. This phone is used by many children to call their families at home, for example to pick up a school or connect to a house to just say where they are. From here Farrah is obsessed with making telephone cards in America.

Because he has no money, Farrah is looking for investors. The product he named Kidztel. After that, a lot of business ideas popped up. Like the game rental business for hotels (where he was tricked by potential investors) to the business that made him produce his first million dollars at the age of 14 years, namely the production of syrup with Farr-Out Foods flag.

When he was only 25 years old, Farrah had several businesses, from Kidztel, a Farr-Out Foods food company that produces syrup, the financial body of NE2W Venture Capital Fund, he also produced shows on television ranging from talk shows and comedy shows under the banner of INNERCITY Broadcasting He also became one of the favorite speakers of young people. Farrah traveled around America to spread and share her success stories with thousands of Americans.

After having a lot of money, Farrah established a social organization that moves to help people with leukemia (blood cancer). This nonprofit organization helps sufferers by providing cost support to people who cannot afford it.

Tips and Quote

  • Dream Big “Life is only one time, and everyone has their own dreams, fight for your dreams”
  • Never be afraid of rejection. Get in touch with many people, ask them to share their stories and experiences. Don’t be afraid of being rejected. From them we learn how to grow. By getting along we know more about the character of people. This can be done by joining organizations and mailing lists on the internet.
  • Build a team of selected mentors. Determine your idol and role model. Watch and get knowledge from them. The mentor does not have to immediately learn from the person. We can learn from the writings and stories of experiences that are shared through writing in the book or blog.
  • Win every opportunity. Bears can live because they are not picky to eat the size of the fish they catch. Farrah found that telephone cards could be applied in America and he succeeded in developing them.
  • Follow the flow, but set your goals. Most people of Farrah’s age will say, “Let’s go to the mall.” But Farrah will say “Let’s build a mall”.
  • Prepare yourself emotionally to accept failure. A world record breaker always exercises hundreds or even thousands of times to make these achievements. At first he would fail, but his consistency led him to be the best.
  • Focus time on what you are good at. It’s okay to follow a trendy business, but to be successful we must know the limits of our knowledge of what we do. If we do not understand the world of advertising, there is no need to force ourselves to enter the business.
  • Love your customers. The customer is king, according to most people. By treating customers well and providing the best service, customers are easier to maintain.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of networking. Participate in organizations to get to know more people who are useful for your business interests.