The name Chairul Tanjung on the Indonesian business stage is not a foreign name. His name was increasingly known by many people when he led his company, Para Group (CT Corp). Born in Jakarta, June 16, 1962, he was ranked the third richest person in the world in 2014. Chairul was born into a family that was quite well off. Chairul was born from the couple A.G. Tanjung which has Batak blood and Halimah which is Sundanese descent. His father, A.G. Tanjung was a journalist during the old order with minimal operating opinion. But unfortunately, the father’s business had to be closed because it was politically opposed to the rulers at the time. That is why Chairul and his family had to sell the house and were forced to live in a small hostel room.

In the midst of such family conditions, Chairul grew up as a tough teenager. This was proven by Chairul’s acceptance at the University of Indonesia. On this prestigious campus, Chairul chose the Department of Dentistry and graduated in 1987. Not only that, in 1984-1985, Chairul was also chosen as an Exemplary Student at the National Level.

Besides being smart, Chairul is also an independent person. This he proved by financing all his college needs. How to? While sitting in college, Chairul sold college books, t-shirts, and so forth. Chairul is not ashamed even though he has to sell in his own campus environment. Not only that, Chairul has also opened a photocopying business at his campus, medical equipment store, and laboratory in the Senen Raya area, Central Jakarta. But unfortunately, Chairul’s business could not last long and had to be closed due to bankruptcy.

After Chairul graduated from college, his business spirit was still there. Together with his three partners, Chairul also established PT Pariarti Shindutama, which is engaged in the shoe export industry. at that time, Chairul and his three friends got capital in the form of a loan from Exim Bank in the amount of Rp150 million. Chairul is quite proud of his business, because at that time Chairul and his friends had received an order of 160 thousand pairs of shoes.

Chairul can be said as someone who does not want to be quickly satisfied. He kept trying to do the best by maximizing all the abilities he had. From his profits at PT Pariarti Shindutama, Chairul tried to find new fortune by pursuing the tile, sandals and property business. But unfortunately, Chairul was forced to leave the company because of differences in vision about business expansion.

Chairul also briefly founded a company called Para Group. The company is divided into four parts namely Para Inti Holdindo which is the father holding company, The Global Investindo which is engaged in financial business, The Inti Investindo which focuses on the media and investment, and also the Inti Propertindo which is engaged in property. Then after the Group developed rapidly, Chairul changed the name of the company to CT Group.

In 1994, Chairul became interested in the banking business. Then he realized his interest by buying Bank Karman which at that time had poor performance.

“To buy this bank, we need around Rp 50 billion. Wow, where can you get that much money? Luckily, it turns out the payment system can be paid in installments. Then, we changed it to the name of Bank Mega,” Chairul recalled the beginning of the establishment of Bank Mega.

Thanks to Chairul’s tenacity and professionalism, Bank Mega has grown rapidly. In 2014, Bank Mega was recorded to have had more than 9,000 employees. Chairul is very confident that in 2015, Bank Mega will have an additional number of employees. Chairul was very focused on the growth of his business. In 1998, Chairul fell in love with the broadcast business. at that time, he met with his best friend, the broadcast business had a huge market and money circulation. More than 90% of the business advertising money was on television.

Feeling interested and challenged by what was said by Ishadi SK, Chairul also founded Trans TV. When viewed from its capital, Trans TV was established with minimal capital, unlike RCTI and SCTV. In the early years, Trans TV did not show good development. But after Chairul bought TV7 shares from Jakob Oetama, Chairul became even stronger in running his broadcasting business.

Chairul again challenged to pursue a new business, this time is a tourist park. Together with Jusuf Kalla, Chairul also created a tourism park worth Rp 1 trillion which he named Trans Studio Theme Park. The park is located in the Tanjung Bunga area, Makassar. That said, Chairul adopted the Disneyland style for the park.

To build Trans Studio, Chairul invited Gary Goddard, a drafter from The Jurassic Park River Adventure for Universal Creative in Hollywood, Star Trek: The Experience for Paramount Park in Nevada (1998), The Amazing Adventure of Spiderman in Florida, and many more. .

Although classified as a conglomerate, Chairul does not like to waste his money. His life is very simple, even far from the impression of boasting of his possessions. In 1998, Chairul distributed food to 100,000 people through the Mega Shares program. Not only that, Chairul also established a foundation called Chairul Tanjung Foundation (CTF).

Through the foundation, Chairul wants to teach his entrepreneurial spirit to his students. Please note that this CTF accommodates more than 60 high school equivalent students. CTF itself is more focused on providing free education to intelligent children who can not afford. Every child has the right to education and boarding for free or free of charge. Amazingly, Chairul became more successful after he founded the foundation.

One success that is no less great is the election of Chairul Tanjung as Coordinating Minister for the Economy. Exactly 16 May 2014, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono appointed Chairul Tanjung as Coordinating Minister for the Economy to replace Hatta Rajasa who had officially resigned to run as Vice President in the 2014 presidential election. Chairul Tanjung was installed on Monday, May 19, 2014 at the Presidential Palace based on Presidential Decree Number 41 of 2014.