Bill Gates was born with the name William Henry Gates III, in Seattle Washington on October 28, 1955. Since he was 8 years old, Bill Gates has indeed been seen as a genius child. At least, he was able to complete the world encyclopedia book that is often read by his father, William H. Gates, Sr.

Both parents Bill considered that the genius of his son was the greatest gift from God. Of course Bill’s parents did not want to waste the intelligence of his son. They both immediately enrolled their son in a favorite school, Lakeside School. At the school, Bill Gates met Paul Allen who both loved computers. Thanks to his intelligence, Bill Gates can easily master BASIC. So it is not surprising that the teacher himself dubbed Bill Gates the nickname “the eccentric”.

Bill’s meeting with Paul was also the beginning of a large mission of Bill Gates to develop talent in computer science. Bill and Paul often spend time in the computer lab. Both Bill and Paul are diligent in reading books and also practicing to deepen their ability to understand computer science.

Bill’s daily life which is only preoccupied with learning computers turns out to make both parents Bill Gates very worried. Bill’s parents observed that the computer made his child forget to eat, forget to drink, and so on. Finally, Bill’s parents forbade his son to play with his computer.

Spending time without fiddling with computers turned out to make Bill bored with extraordinary boredom. Bill Gates also did a variety of ways to make his parents give him permission to play computer. But it turns out that Bill’s parents’ hearts cannot be melted easily. One of the ways taken by Bill Gates is again to prove that he is capable of being a child of achievement. Bill’s days went through with endless learning. It is this unquenchable enthusiasm for learning by Bill that makes Bill smarter day by day. Not only that, Bill Gates finally succeeded in proving his intelligence, especially after he was successfully accepted into college at Havard University.

Bill’s parents’ concerns began to disappear when Bill Gates was successfully accepted as a student at Harvard University with his best friend, Paul Allen. But unfortunately, they feel half-hearted studying at the favorite campus. Every day the topic of their conversation is not about college lessons, but about computers.

In 1975, Paul Allen approached Bill Gates while carrying the Popular Electronic magazine. Paul was quite interested in the cover of the magazine which highlighted the news of the first personal computer scene with the name Altair. From the cover of the magazine, the two friends found a good idea. Bill contacted Altair and told them that Bill had good software for Altair. Altair also felt attracted by the offers of Bill Gates and Paul Allen. In just a month, the three people successfully completed the program for Altair. Altair was even more impressed by how Bill and Paul worked.

After working on projects from Altair, Bill and Allen also often get other large projects such as Commodore, NCR, Radio Shack, and Texas Instrument. Since he was young, Bill already had the ability to do business. This was proven by the fact that Bill Gates won a turnover of US $ 1 million when he was 23 years old. Both Bill and Paul agreed to create a company under the name micro-soft. Then the name was corrected by removing the sign (-) so that it becomes Microsoft. Under the banner of Microsoft, Bill and Paul won dollars every day.

Already enjoying the new world, Bill Gates took off his studies at Harvard University. Bill and Allen’s business is increasingly getting to the point of success. Moreover, when Bill Gates signed a contract with International Business Machines (IBM). This makes Bill and Allen happy not playing, because they see the name of IBM which is already worldwide so they don’t need to bother to distribute their products.