Ammar bin Ali al-Mosuli is a well-known ophthalmologist from the city of Mosul, Iraq, who worked around 1010 AD. He has made a valuable contribution to the development of ophthalmology by writing the Kitab-ul Muntakhah fi Ilaj-ul ‘Ayn (Book of Various Choices in the Treatment of Eye Diseases). This book is widely applied by ophthalmologists in Egypt. The phenomenal book explores the complete anatomy of the eye and various eye diseases, including an explanation of six cases of cataract surgery and a case of optic nerve inflammation.

Through various chapters in the book, he discusses 48 types of eye diseases. His thoughts are still kept in the Escorial Library in Madrid, Spain. The book he wrote was even still used until the twentieth century. Ammar is also the figure of the inventor of cataract surgery using a sucker. The method of cataract surgery in the same way as that used by Ammar in the tenth century AD still applies today. Indeed, he has made an invaluable contribution to the world of medicine.