The famous psychologist was born in 838 AD in Amol, Tabaristariy about twenty kilometers south of the Caspian Sea and died in 923 AD He was a descendant of Persian Jews who later converted to become a Muslim. Besides being known as a psychologist, Ali Rabban Al-Tabari also mastered a number of other disciplines such as physics and medicine. Through the book of Firdaus al-Hikmah which he wrote in the ninth century AD, he has developed psychotherapy to cure patients with mental disorders. His thinking since more than a thousand years ago was still relevant today.

Al-Tabari stressed the strong relationship between psychology and medicine. He believes that counseling and psychotherapy are needed to treat mental patients. Al-Tabari explained that patients often experience pain due to imagination or false beliefs. To treat it, said al-Tabari, patients must undergo ‘wise counseling’ with a doctor who is intelligent and has a high sense of humor. The trick is to revive the patient’s confidence.

Al-Tabari produced his first work in the field of medicine. He was the first person to bring up the science of children’s health and the field of child growth. His monumental book has also been translated into Syriac. Al-Tabari has two compilations for his work called Deen-al-Doulat and Hifdh al-Sehbat. The scientist’s adikarya can now be found in the library of Oxford University, England. His other works are Tuhfat al-Muluk (The King’s Present), Sihhah (The Proper Care of Health), Kitab al-Ruqa (Book of Magic or Amulets), Kitab fi al-hijamah (Treatise on Cupping), and Kitab fi Tartib al-Ardhiya (Treatise on the Preparation of Pood). The Bible Firdaus al-Hikmah or Paradise of Wisdom is the work of the psychologist. This book describes the system of medicine which is made in seven parts. The first book can be categorized as a medical encyclopedia arranged in seven volumes and 30 parts, for a total of 360 chapters. In his book, al-Tabari divides medicine into several sections, including: child health science and child growth, psychology and psychotherapy. In the section on medicine and psychotherapy, al-Tabari emphasizes the power between psychology and treatment, and the need for psychotherapy and counseling in patient treatment services.

He also suggested that doctors give attention, not only in the form of medication, but also in the form of dialogue. This is an effort that is believed to help the success of a treatment process. His thoughts in the field of psychology influenced many other figures, such as Al-Razi. Through the books he wrote namely El-Mansuri and Al-Hawi, al-Razi has also succeeded in revealing the definition of symptoms (symptoms) and treatment to deal with mental illness and problems related to mental health.