Also known as Ali Ibn Isa, he was the most well-known ophthalmologist among Muslim ophthalmologists in the golden era of Islam. He lived in Baghdad around the tenth century until the eleventh century AD. His achievement was to write a very famous book on eye medicine called Tazkiratul-Kahhaleen or Optometrist’s Note. This is the best and most complete book written in the tenth century AD which discusses various eye diseases. The book whose writing was so important that it was translated into German by Hirschberg and Lippert in 1904. In addition, the phenomenal book he wrote has also been translated into English by Casey Wood in 1936.

The book written by Ali Bin Isa has also been a reference textbook for other ophthalmologists for centuries. Before being translated into English and German, the book he wrote was originally translated into Persian. After that, it was only in 1497 that the book was translated into Latin. Isa also wrote the most famous book in 1000 AD entitled Memorial of Ophthalmology. This book is also occasionally used as a reference material in the modern world.