Alexander Levin is a young man who successfully manages his business in cyberspace. When he was not even 25 years old, he was able to develop his world business in such a way as to have income reaching tens of millions of United States Dollars (US).

His creation site called Image Shack became one of the most prominent image hosting service providers in the world, making it rich.

Alexander Levin activated Image Shack for the first time on Wednesday, November 12, 2003. To the surprise of many people, perhaps Levin himself, the image of Image Shack immediately rose rapidly Perhaps one of the more important values ​​of Image Shack compared to other image hosting service sites is every user Image Shack doesn’t need to have to bother registering first and getting an account. Users can immediately find the panel “browse” and “upload” on the front page of the site.After users upload their image files, they can immediately find the URL of the image that has been uploaded for later they post on their blog or site.

In order to attract many people to the hosting service on their site, Levin has set up Image Shack in such a way as to be able to accommodate various files uploaded by internet users in JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and SWF with a maximum load of 5 megabytes. For BMP and TIFF file formats, they will automatically be converted into PNG format image files. The URL code which then appears after the file upload activity can only be seen by the user who uploaded it, so the URL code is closed to other users, thus ensuring the security and privacy of the user.

Various breakthroughs made by Levin made Image Shack more and more visited by internet users.

In May 2006, the Shack image was recorded serving files uploading from more than 100 thousand users simultaneously. Entering the middle of 2008, Levin started making a few changes to the Image Shack, he arranged for his site to start hiding direct-links on image files. The experiment was conducted so that the Shack image can get greater opportunities in the field of advertising. Levin regulates that the image files uploaded by Image Shack users are not subject to time constraints, but image files that are indicated to have elements of violations and can interfere with order will be subject to the necessary measures.

Image Shack then also applies a free registration service that allows service users to access and delete images that they have previously uploaded.

Levin also wants to spoil the users of his site services to be free to use all the facilities of Image Shade. It is this freedom which then brings some irresponsible users to upload images containing violence and pornography. Supervision and screening carried out by the officers managing the Image Shack site have not been able to anticipate this. It was this factor which then had the chance for the Colombian government to block Image Shack for their domestic access on August 24, 2009.

On the other hand, Levin is apparently not satisfied with Image Shade’s performance, which only serves image hosting, he then introduced a new Image Shack application that gives users the opportunity to upload video files. The new Image Shack uploader service is available for Windows, Machintos, and Linux operating systems. Image Shack also briefly provided torrent file services to its users. But for one reason or another, Alexander Levin stopped the free Image Shack service for torrents on October 28, 2009.

According to the Mashable site (a site that holds an Open Web Award online competition, for the sake of finding the best open web), Image Shack is in the top 5 most prominent image hosting provider sites in the world. Meanwhile, according to Alexa’s ranking on September 25, 2007, Image Shack ranked 40th in all the most visited categories of sites in the world. According to Nielsen / NetRatings (the company that takes measurements of internet sites), Image Shack was among the top 4 fastest growing sites in July 2006.

High achievements printed by Image Shack have skyrocketed Alexander Levin’s name. Along with the Image Shack ranking which is able to penetrate the top boards of the most popular sites in the world, Alexander Levin as his master also scored his own achievements by entering the list of the richest young people in the world. According to the report on entrepreneurship website Alexander Levin is estimated to have a value of wealth reaching 56 million US dollars.